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We are a design freelancer in Bournemouth that provides online and offline digital solutions.

If you are looking for a fresh-thinking partner to pair with your corporate identity, look no further.

We are passionate about web design, animation, and 3D technologies.

This Website is under constant development as our portfolio is being integrated into the test domain. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Web Design

Web Design is one of our core services. We build many Templates in online and offline packages. We believe in presenting as many options as possible.

We employ high concepts in our design, to create visually arresting pages that look and feel unique and individual to your identity.

We are passionate about animating websites, and always endeavour to make our designs more engaging with dynamic and 3D technologies.

Web Development

We develop websites in HTML5 and CSS3. These are rapidly becoming a W3C-certified standard and are in the developmental stages. Due to their differing functionality in mutliple browsers, we offer this service on an opt-in basis. We also develop websites in robust XHMTL 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 in addition to the newer languages. We always work to achieve W3 Consortium accessibility standards.

We always do our utmost to present valid, optimised and minimised code.

Repair Services

We offer full website repair and updating services. We have over 14 years of experience in HTML and can overhaul even the oldest websites and re-create them anew. We offer WC3 Validation, repairing an exiting site, minimising an existing site, as well as a complete rebuild of existing domains in HTML 5 and CSS 3. See our detailed repair services here.


We offer a variety of standardised templates from which a website can be built, available for singular downloadable purchase or as part of our development services. We also offer unique bespoke website design services, so that your imagination can be set free from convention and realised. You can browse our Template Shop here: Under Construction


Kenaani offers a complete corporate re-branding service. We believe in a cohesive, co-ordinated and intuitive stylisation of business branding, and take pride in our ability to manage your coporate identity. From the small details that matter, such as quality letterheads, to full corporate websites with matching corporate brochures, we have a vision of how corporate identity should be in the 21st Century. Corporate Services are detailed here.


We offer graphic design services for a range of printing needs. We believe a menu is more than a price list, its a gateway to your restaurant's success. A business card is more than a contact exchange, its speaks volumes about who you are. From brochure layout to greeting cards, we believe it is not enough to merely present information, for information can be felt as well as read, can be seen as well as spoken.


We offer design services for Exhibitions, from display stand imagery to the centrepiece stands themselves. If you're looking for someone to communicate a message, a vision, a success, kenaani is well placed to create them. With our emphasis upon originality and interactivity, your can be sure of encountering and embracing unique exhibition stands.


We offer design services for Newspaper, Window and Billboard advertisements. We have a great deal of experience creating high resolution, high detail, and crucially smooth imagery for your advertising needs. Want to recreate a smaller advert on a larger scale? We take pride in handling the intense detail required to display even in Cinemas and LED Displays.


We create animations for websites, even on a standalone basis. We create everything from the smallest gif icon to panoramic flash that draws in your customers. We can create dynamic reacting elements in CSS3 or dynamically generated text with JavaScript. We feel that to truly create unique websites effort should be focused on even the smallest of details.


We offer character modelling, rigging and animation services with 3DS Max. We undertake research to create a specific action, or create freehand weighted animations to your specifications. We can create custom skins to fit pre-posed bipeds, or create custom bipeds and rig them to posed meshs. Your can view some examples of our rigged animations here.


We offer object animations and digital scene construction services. Sometimes an object in a scene needs something extra, a flicker to draw the eye, or an elusive object to be hidden or altered to ensure the suspension of disbelief. We are known for our attention to detail and love to undertake the challenge of scene authenticity. Errors detract from the enjoyment of movies and games and we understand the importance of consistency and plausibility.


We offer freehand animation services. Do you have an idea that you'd like to see explored in motion? Do you have a storyboard that you would like to see animated before production? We can create 2D and 3D freehand animation to bring your imagination to life.


We can create detailed models in 3DS Max and Maya. We have experience providing subcontracted modelling services to the videogame industry, ideal for working on expansions and downloadable content long after the original development team has moved on to other projects.


We can create detailed and full scale environments in 3DS Max and Maya. We can provide scene lighting and degradation services. We can provide lighting consistency services for mismatched content.


We create custom materials in 3DS Max and Autocad. You can view some samples of our materials in our Material Viewer.


We create custom effects for animations in 3DS Max. From flickering candles to rolling seas, we can provide special effects services that enable your production to be hazard-free.


Bournemouth is a coastal resort in the south-west of England. Bournemouth's evening skyline is the inspiration for our website's Sunset theme. Bournemouth is a sprawling conurbation of three towns, Poole, Boscombe and Christchurch, and the two holiday resorts that link them, Bournemouth itself and Southbourne. Bournemouth was founded in 1810 AD, and quickly gained a reputation among Victorians for the clear waters and beautiful wide beaches. Bournemoutb became a well-known resort for individuals to visit for their health. Many famous names such as J.R.R.Tolkien (who wrote part of The Lord of The Rings in Bournemouth) and the royal family would visit Bournemouth. In recent years Bournemouth has developed a surfer culture, with international class conference centres and the Bournemouth Air Festival attracting millions.

Our Vision

Our vision is about originality and familiarity, yet its about color and contrast, light and dark, soft and hard, fast and slow... and yet these states do not contradict. For within design, all things are possible, and the only limits are our willingness to face the unknown with a blank canvass. This is how we create ourselves, and by extension, how we conduct our business. We vow to always take our selves and our customers upon vivid journeys, to be always prepared to start from that canvass, and create anew.

About Kenaani

Kenaani is the business portfolio of Darran Short. Darran started Kenaani Studios as a freelance portfolio some 7 years ago and it is still going strong. represents a rebranding and renewal of the site with the acquisition of a shorter domain name, and incorporates Darrans's new focus on 3D animated technologies. We have high hopes to grow this new trademarked company to fulfill its potential.

Darran started building websites for fun as long ago as 1998 as a wide-eyed university fresher, and was at the forefront of the internet explosion. Darran is always creating new websites, and as if kenaani is not enough, more is on the horizon...

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Tel: 0754 794 4530


Unit 1, 29 Hannington Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth, BH7 6JT.

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W3C Consortium

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Hyper-Text Markup Language 5 is the latest standardised mark-up language for websites. HTML 5 is the backbone from which website structures are built, the code informs the internet browser how to structure and read the page, how to display the content, how to order it, render it, and finally pass it to the reader. HTML 5 is the latest specification, introducing new functionality and inter-operability for web browsers and servers alike. Many mobile websites are created in HTML alone, and the versatility and accessibilty of the language ensures it value will continue to persist.


Cascading Style Sheets 3 is the latest standardised practise for styling websites. CSS 3 offers a range of additional style functionality over the older CSS 2.1, with exciting possibilities such as transparencies, gradients, corners, indents and rotation all being rendered by the browser, rather than having to rely on images. CSS 3 makes it possible to create detailed beautiful websites for mobiles while simultaneously reducing the amount of data required to download and display the style.